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Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Many Cancer "Cures"

I know that curing cancer or at least helping to fight it is very important, not only for the victims but for researchers as well. However, we need to draw the line somewhere when pharmaceutical companies use it as a competition. I usually read about anything that has to do with cancer in Google and Yahoo! news, but today will be the last time that I take them at all seriously without proof.
Apparently, 2 companies have made statements today about their drugs being a cure for cancer. #1 says it is the best and #2 says it is better than company #1. So who do we believe? Answer: None of the above.
At the bottom of each article was also a statement given by the companies telling how much they plan to make off of the drug and how much there stocks have risen. Is money really the important part of research or is it healing. I would opt for the latter, but then again, I am not a scientist or a money hungry mongrel, and I do in fact have cancer. Are they trying to cure cancer or just their bank accounts?

Note: I refuse to list the names of the companies I am writing about due to the fact that I do not agree with their ethics and will not give any additional publicity to them.

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