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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Breast Cancer in Men

Yes, you read that correctly! I have been doing some research, as usual, and found a few stories about male breast cancer. Unfortunately, most of us do not realize that men can develop cancer in their breasts and men generally do not take it seriously.
A few of the symptoms are of that of women:
  • lump in the breast
  • receding nipple
  • discharge from nipple
  • crust and bleeding in areola area
Men who are more susceptible are the ones who have breast cancer run in the family. Men who are older, usually around 60 years of age. Men who have Klinefelter syndrome, have a heavy intake of alcohol and who are exposed to high doses of radiation. These are just to name a few.
Men also have an increased chance of developing Paget's disease compared to women.
So for all of the men out there, do not think breast cancer is a woman's disease. If you notice any unusual change in your breast tissue, report it to the doctor.

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