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Saturday, February 20, 2010

happiness vs. heart disease

found this interesting article on the web and thought i would share it with you.
study shows that happiness helps to ward off heart disease. over 1700 people were analyzed in the study and asked to rate their happiness level. during the 10 year span, 145 of the ones who rated high for depression and stress were diagnosed with heart disease.
though it cannot be absolutely proven that being happy will prevent heart disease, it will allow you a better life.
so like the song says "don't worry, be happy"


Anonymous said...

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Himesha said...

This is really nice..thanks alot fr sharing this..this is really nice..

Alternative cancer treatment said...

I just believe that being happy does not depend on how far you have gone through your life. It is always the things that you have done to others that made them happy as well. Keep inspiring and loving each other. In that way you will feel so much happiness.

Dr.Kevin Headen said...
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Dr.Kevin Headen said...

Feelings of happiness, contentment, joy, and other pleasurable emotions are directly correlated with a decreased risk of heart disease. so if you have some heart problem just try to feel happy thanks for this post.

cancer treatment centers said...

Living with any disease is not a fun thing. You have to live healthy and happy to maintain your life. My alternative cancer treatments center likes this and advices you to continue living healthy. Thanks.