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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Philosophical Views

so, monday has came and went and so far no news from the doctor. i called yesterday and was told that she would call me when the results are in. i understand that this is the holiday season, but do i really need to wait any longer than i already have? its like reading a suspense novel where you always feel the urge to flip to the last page to see the ending.
is waiting really the worse part? at least if i had something concrete, i could move forward. move in the direction of recovery and/or getting on with my life. and no matter how much i try, i cannot stop staring at the phone.
one would be surprised as to how philosophical even the most logical person can get.
does a watched phone really never ring, or does it just seem that way?
is it too late to find god? was he ever lost to begin with?
what really is the meaning of life? is it based on faith in times of trouble or lack there of?
i would say its based on survival, but no one survives life. so is death the meaning of life?
if i may quote Isaac Asimov: "life is pleasant. death is peaceful. it's the transition that's troublesome"

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