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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Right to Live vs. Insurance

not sure about everyone out there, but i reside in zagreb, croatia. i am a united states citizen, born and raised for 35 years, so i know how the US health care system is. i currently have insurance to which we (my boyfriend actually) pays every month. it is expensive but mandatory here.
it is extremely difficult to find a gynecologist that accepts insurance that is taking on new patients. let alone trying to find one that speaks english. so everything so far has been out of pocket expense and quite frankly, we are going broke because of it.
if paying for insurance is required, then the government should be required to provide adequate doctors.
when i go into the hospital, fortunately (i guess), it will be covered by insurance. however, the cost of the operation is 4,000 kunas and 150 kunas per night, roughly 4 nights, in the hospital. those figures are our co-pay of 10%. so the entire process will cost about 4600 kunas or $1000 our expense and 46,000 or $10,000 totaled.
why does a procedure that they consider to be "routine" and only takes about 2 hours cost $8000 to begin with?
and why does the person who is needing the surgery have to pay? haven't they been through enough? when will the bureaucrats get off their asses and start helping civilians? do we not have a right to live or does that just pertain to the elite?

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