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Friday, December 19, 2008

What Really Happens During a Biopsy

i thought i would shed some light on the truth about cervical biopsies. women reading this may want to bookmark this page to let your men read it later.
i have been to numerous websites before and am so tired of the word "discomfort" when associated with biopsies, mammograms, etc.
we are not allowed to have sex for a month after a biopsy. we cannot lift, run, or even walk fast...doctors orders. so why do they say it is just uncomfortable?
let me explain the procedures of a cervical biopsy to all of you from my own personal experience. i am not trying to scare anyone, but i feel women should be properly informed prior.

i am lying there in the doctors office with my feet in the stirrups (as usual) and she shows me this small, loop of wire at the end of a stick1. seemed harmless enough...WRONG! it consisted of voltage passing through the little wired loop to scrape tissue samples from my cervix, vaginal walls, and cervical canal. as if this was not bad enough...we then have to stop the bleeding from where we took the tissue samples. this is when we go from "discomfort" to painful.
and how do we stop the bleeding? with salve? a tampon (this would make sense)
we burn the wounds shut!...i am laying there and my doctor said that "now we have to stop the bleeding". i thought the worse was over...WRONG again!
next thing i know i have smoke coming out of my vagina. so i am laying there waiting for my doctor to yell "fire in the hole" and grab the extinguisher while i am fighting back tears and i'm wondering exactly how much more should one person go through before this is considered more than just a "discomfort"?
so men, please, if a loved of of yours has to go through this procedure, do not ask her to cook dinner, go grocery shopping, or expect her to wash the dishes. (Note: this does not mean that the dishes should pile up until she is well enough to wash them.) if you cannot grasp the concept of any of this then i will put it in terms you can understand.
turn on the your penis on the hot burner about 10 times for approximately 1-2 seconds each time. after that, see how much you feel like walking around.

1. LEEP...looks harmless doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Weren't you given some sort of anesthetic??

Michael Boyle said...

Scaring post! I'm going to do biopsy next week and now I'm afraid((