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Friday, April 3, 2009

Is Cancer a Health Issue?

Before I receive irate comments about the title, I will explain.
I belong to a few blog directories and link exchange sites where reviews are allowed and for the most part, welcomed. Now most of the comments consist of "great blog" or "very informative" or even "I like your approach". However, I received one in particular review that stated that I should talk about health issues.
Interesting choice of words. I was under the impression that cancer was not only a health issue, but a huge concern and one of the leading causes of death in the world. If that is not health related, than I am not sure what is.
Now, as some of you know, when choosing a directory or link exchange, you have categories to choose from. So should "Surviving Cervical Cancer" be classified as entertainment, social, computer/web, adult, or health? Let's narrow this down into the categories mentioned.
  • Entertainment: I do aim to please and have a morbid way of putting things into perspective. I am also my own best friend so I believe I am entertaining:)
  • Social: Feel free to comment and I will try to respond....thereby making it social:)
  • Computer/Web: I used my computer to post this blog on the web..need I say more?
  • Adult: I also talk about female body parts so I guess it can be construed as for adults.
  • Health: It's a blog about Cervical Cancer and HPV!
Now I don't know exactly how to take that review. Should I be upset? Should I message him? Should I pity his outlook on women?
No, I simply use my non-professional, non-health related blog to bring to the attention of all women out there with this disease, to be weary of people like this guy. Anyone who does not think that Women's Health is in fact a health issue is seriously disturbed but can also be seen as prejudice against women.
My blog states "philosophical views....first hand look...". I never said it was a site for medical information that can replace a doctor visit. However, was it the "conization" post, the "facts about cervical cancer" post, or the talk about health care in Croatia that seemed more entertaining than a health issue to him?
And as you may have figured out, I have stressed the fact that it was a male who posted that review.
Note to men: no offense, but you are not exactly my target audience. You do not have a cervix and cannot fully grasp the emotional and physical pain of a women who has dealt with this type of cancer. If you have a friend or loved one who has, and are sincerely interested in the subject (as my boyfriend Bela...think he read more on it than me actually)...then by all means, feel free to comment or become a follower. Men are welcomed here, but not the ones who have a site dedicated to saving the planet but feel women aren't as important. For those who think the latter, they should follow their family tree to see where they came don't have to go far. Just look at the woman beside your father.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I can't help but laugh. I wonder what was he on when he wrote that comment.

JessieSomers said...

i know..i had confusion, anger, and wanted to laugh at the same time when i read that.
the stupidity in people never ceases to entertain me:)

OneShare said...

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Anonymous said...

You wrote in your post "Note to men: no offense, but you are not exactly my target audience. You do not have a cervix and cannot fully grasp the emotional and physical pain of a women who has dealt with this type of cancer"

I am battling this same disease and I have to say funny enough it has been my male friends that were the most emphatic - the few female friends I told seem to feel hysterectomy was not that big of a deal

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