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Monday, April 13, 2009

Holiday is Over

Well I hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday...I know that I have had my fill of hard boiled eggs to last me awhile. Most businesses are closed here today in Croatia, so we will be calling my doctor first thing tomorrow to see if I should go for my appointment on Thursday or get a prescription for Dabroston (hormone pills) again. Hopefully it will be the latter. Nothing irritates me more than waiting at a doctors office just for them to say that they cannot examine you while you are bleeding. That is usually about the time that my evil personality emerges and I have to refrain from murder. Though with a jury full of women, I may get away with it. You would think that they would grasp the concept as to not upset a women who has had PMS for 6 months
The past week has been filled with gourmet cheeses and sausage platters for dinner, and was a nice change of pace. But now that Easter is over, I can get back to my "somewhat" cancer-fighting diet of green tea, yogurt, broccoli, rice, fish, etc... Which is not so bad and I should eat like that more often, rather I have complications or not. I also have several blogs and 1 in the making, so that will help keep my mind occupied with other thoughts and this one helps keep my thoughts in order. Kind of like a Quentin Tarantino movie...nothing makes sense until the end when it all comes full circle.

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