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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New DNA Testing for Cervical Cancer

This is an interesting article I was reading about testing women for cervical cancer by a DNA test instead of the basic pap smear.
In an ongoing trial of over 130,000 women in India, the tests seem conclusive. The women were divided into 4 groups. Group 1 received advice to "go to the hospital if you want screening". Group 2 received the basic doctors office pap tests. Group 3 went a little further than #2 and underwent flashlight-vinegar visualization testing. Group 4 had the clinical DNA test study.
After an 8 year study, Groups 1 and 3 had about the same rate when it came to advanced cancer and death. Group 2 had around 3/4th the amount, whereas Group 4, the DNA experiment, had only half the advanced cervical cancer rate.
It is important to note, that none of the women who were tested by DNA and received negative results died of cancer, proving it to be more accurate and effective in diagnosing cervical cancer. Another interesting fact about DNA screening, is that unlike regular pap tests, DNA only needs to be performed ever 5 years (give or take).
My personal opinion, is I believe this to be a major breakthrough in science. I sincerely hope that this is put into effect worldwide, as soon as possible.


shazam said...

Dear Jessie,

Hang in there friend, I dunno if you've ever heard of vitamin B17 but you should search for it in the net. It's suppose to get rid of cancer cells. The reason why it's not publicised is because the medical industry would lose big business if it's made known. Vitamin B17 natural sources are from apricot seeds, apple seeds etc. Promise me you'll search for B17 ok and try eating lots of fruits and veggies like tomato,broccoli, cauliflower and foods which has Vitamin B17 in them on a daily basis. All the best ok.

JessieSomers said...

The foods you mentioned are some of the ones I have been eating, but I never heard of B17. Thanks for the update...might do a post about that if you don't mind:)

Meaghan said...

I am a terminal cervical cancer survivor. Diagnosed at 28 I battled for my life but am not cancer free! Its a tough cancer to fight but keep up the good one!