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Sunday, March 22, 2009

M.S.A.T.H...Part 7

Wednesday morning i was woken up as usual at 6:00 am sharp by a nurse. good news was, i was allowed to finally eat, so i anticipated the arrival of breakfast, which was due at 7:30 am, cracked open my book and began to read. btw..nothing else to do there without a television or radio.
like clock work, my first meal arrived and to my dismay, it was less than typical hospital food. it consisted of 2 pieces of white bread (not toasted) and a bowl of warm milk. ok, i will repeat just in case you think i mistyped or you misread....a BOWL of warm milk, as in, not a cup. now, rather the milk was for me or the vermin, i am not sure. though someone should inform these people that it is a woman's hospital and not a veterinary clinic. the only time i drink milk from a bowl is after i am done eating cereal, which apparently, they forgot to add. they also forgot butter, jam, jelly, or anything else that may go with bread.
at 8:00 am, the doctor came in with about 6 interns to check on us and remove the gauze from my vagina. of course, without curtains, my entire womanhood was there for all to see, including my roommates.
the rest of the day was long, but i did manage to finish my book, and since one of my roommates was sent home, it was just 2 of us, which made it a little more quiet and peaceful.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Yeah hospitals around here really lack of ESSENTIALS...I mean WTF "hospital food" should be a term used for "extremely nutritious and it WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER food"..but insted we all know what it stands for..

Privacy?? You are in the hospital right..sick and need your safe zone..but noooooo..instead they rip you that little dignity you have by treating you like anything BUT a human being that DESERVES some goddamn respect..

Does it show that I'm not particularly fond of hospitals??


JessieSomers said...

lol...don't hold back..tell us how you really feel ;)